The Most Powerful Pellet Gun Available

The most powerful pellet gun readily available on the market today is the Gamo Outdoors Hunter Extreme SE. This particular pellet rifle boasts a shooting velocity of 1650 FPS (feet per second) with .177 ammunition. Typical spring powered pellet guns in comparison will fire around 800-1000 FPS, and pellet guns with PCP or Co2 power systems will have velocities even lower.

the most powerful pellet gun available






Pellet guns with large firing velocities such as the Hunter Extreme will typically be louder to fire, have higher recoil, and more difficult cocking mechanisms to account for their increase in power. The nice thing about the Hunter Extreme is the extra technology built into it by Gamo to help reduce some of these differences. The Hunter Extreme is built with a patented SWA (shock wave absorber) that is capable of absorbing up to 74% more recoil pressure than a typical pellet rifle, and will also improve accuracy. The rifle also comes prepackaged with elite features such as an illuminated center glass etched reticle scope, Beechwood stock, jacketed steel bull barrel, second stage adjustable trigger, and raised monte carlo cheek piece. Below is a video of the most powerful pellet gun in action.


Gamo Outdoors Hunter Extreme SE

  • –       Break barrel single cocking system
  • –       1650 FPS
  • –       .177 caliber
  • –       S-9×50 illuminated center glass etched reticle scope
  • –       Small pest control, large pset control, small game hunting
  • –       Beechwood stock
  • –       SWA shock wave absorber – absorbs up to 74% more recoil pressure
  • –       Single shot
  • –       Jacketed steel bull barrel
  • –       Cocking effort 58 lbs
  • –       Second stage adjustable triggercheck prices
  • –       Raised monte carlo cheek piece
  • –       9 lbs weight
  • –       Barrel length: 18 inches

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