The Full Auto Pellet Gun

When it comes to fully automatic pellet guns, the list of available options become much smaller than their single shot rifle and pistol counterparts. And in the small selection available there is only one model that really stands out. This gem is made by Air-Ordnance, and is a fully automatic .22 caliber SMG.

smg full auto pellet gunsmg full auto pellet gun 2smg 22 full auto pellet gun

The Rundown:

By use of a belt feed system on the bottom of the gun, the Air-Ordnance SMG fires 12 rounds per second with 100 rounds of ammo per belt. This kind of firing speed makes it truly unique, and with 600 fps the SMG is sure to rip up targets quite quickly, so be prepared. The pellet gun is capable of being powered by Co2, nitrogen, or compressed air, and comes with a 20 oz. co2 tank. When it comes to full auto pellet guns, there is really nothing else like it.

Which power source is best?

Since the SMG can be powered by Co2, nitrogen or compressed air the obvious question becomes which power source is optimal. While there are pros and cons for each, many users report a preference in the compressed air route. Not only is compressed air the cheapest option, but at 1200 psi, the pellet gun receives a noticeable bump in FPS (to about 700 fps) as well as less variance in shots. The price you pay for the speed bump comes in the part of decreased shot count, so if that is important to you stick with the c02. To refill the rifle, one could also could consider purchasing an 88 cuft scuba tank which would provide about 40 fills of the 20 oz. container.

Potential additions/ modifications

The full auto pellet gun does not come with a scope, which is the first modification to consider. To do so, you would first need a riser mount like this one, along with your choice of scope. Many users have been pleased with choices like a Bushnell Trophy Red Dot, or a Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro.  Another frequent choice for this model is a green dot laser sight, which could be added with the same riser mount mentioned previously.

Aim Sports Tactical Green Laser with External Adjustments

Bushnell Trophy Red Dot TRS-25 3 MOA Red Dot Reticle Riflescope, 1x25mm (Matte)

Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro Spec Sight NV QD

Another potential addition to consider would be the speed loader also provided by Air-Ordnance. If there were a downside to this full auto pellet gun, it would be the length of time it takes to load the rounds into the ammo belt. With the speed loader, it is possible to load an entire belt in under 60 seconds. For more info on pellet guns, be sure to check out the home page.

100 Round Speed Loader for SMG .22 Belt-Fed Pellet Gun




Finally, here are some video shots of this bad boy in action:



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