Pellet Gun Chart

Below is an interactive chart displaying the picture and properties of some of the most popular pellet guns available. Click on any category to organize the chart based on that column’s category. Note that prices can fluctuate, but the ones mentioned should be in the general ballpark. Click the link to see the most updated prices.

PictureMake/ModelTypePower SourceCaliberPriceRating
The RWS Model 34RWS Model 34RifleSpring.22$318.044.3
The Crosman Nitro Venom Break Air RifleCrosman Nitro VenomRifleGas Piston.22$144.034.4
Gamo Hornet Pellet RifleGamo HornetRifleSpring.177$89.994.5
The Benjamin Marauder Benjamin MarauderPistolPCP.22$352.904.8
The Crosman ChallengerCrosman ChallengerRiflePCP/CO2.177$479.205.0
Gamo Silent Cat Air RifleGamo Silent CatRifleSpring.177$147.994.2
Ruger Blackhawk combo air rifleRuger Blackhawk Combo Air RifleRifleSpring.177$99.994.3
Crosman VigilanteCrosman VigilantePistolCo2.177$49.954.1
Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGTGamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGTRifleGas Spring.177$189.994.4
Crosman 1377C / PC77Crosman 1377C / PC77PistolPneumatic.177$51.134.4
Crosman Bolt Action PumpBenjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable PumpRiflepump.22$139.994.3
Benjamin Trail NP PistolBenjamin Trail NPPistolNitro piston.177$69.963.9
Black Ops SniperBlack Ops Elite Tactical SniperRifleSpring.177$1485.0
Crosman TR77Crosman TR77 comboRifleSpring.177$111.614.4
crosman phantomCrosman PhantomRifleSpring.177$112.004.4
Beeman P17Beeman P17 Pellet PistolPistolpump.177$47.763.8
Crosman MTR77 TacticalCrosman MTR77 TacticalRifleNitro Piston.177$149.954.5
Beeman RS3 ComboBeeman RS2 ComboRifleSpring.177$150.634.2
Ruger Explorer Youth RifleRuger Explorer Youth RifleRifleSpring.177$63.964.3
Gamo PT85 BlowbackGamo PT85 Blowback SOCOMPistolCo2.177$129.993.5
Gamo pt 85 blowbackGamo pt 85 BlowbackPistolCo2.177$219.994.5
Benjamin Trail xl 725Crosman Benjamin Trail NPRifleNitro Piston.25$297.004.4
Benjamin HB22 air pistolBenjamin HB22 Air PistolPistolpump.22$133.194.0
Gamo Varmint HunterGamo Varmint HunterRiflespring.177$221.373.9
Crosman MK177Crosman MK177RiflePCP.177$79.994.0
beretta px4 stormBeretta PX4 StormPistolCo2.177$87.494.2
crosman 2300TCrosman 2300TPistolCo2.177$132.434.1
Smith & Wesson 586Smith & Wesson 586PistolCo2.177$234.414.6
Daisy Pellet PistolDaisy Target PistolPistolPneumatic.177$155.994.9

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