The Gamo Bone Collector Pellet Gun .177 Review

Gamo Bone Collector Pellet Gun







The Bone Collector is a relatively new pellet gun from Gamo that has generated a lot of interest in the air rifle community. Designed in collaboration between Michael Waddle and Travis ‘T Bone’ Turner of the Bone Collector TV Series, it has been carefully built for power, durability, and ease of use. The pellet gun is suitable for both pest control and target shooting, and the particular specifications that make it unique are discussed below.

gamo bone collector .177 Forest Green Composite Stock:

The nice thing about composite stock is that it’s light, durable, weather resistant, and won’t ding or scratch easily like wooden stocks do. This is all complemented by the fact that the material is cheaper than wood, which will factor into the price of your rifle. The Bone Collector’s unique green stock is quite aesthetic, and complemented with grey rubber inserts that contribute to firing comfort and absorbtion. The double cheek pad is also useful for both right and left handed shooters.

Break Barrel IGT Gas Piston Power Source:

bone collector air rifle The bone collector air rifle is powered by a gas piston power source that results in a single shot firing mechanism capable of a more than respectable 1300 FPS. 1300 is quite powerful, and well above the average for pellet guns. There are a few advantages to a gas piston power source as compared to a spring, which is the only other power source with the potential of reaching 1300 FPS. A gas piston can remain cocked for extended periods of time without worrying about damage, which is not the case for a springer. There is also no “twang,” less vibration, and more velocity.

Which Pellets to Use:
bone collector pellet gun

2 stage trigger

Like all pellet gun brands and models, not every pellet choice will fire the same way and some are better fits than others. For this particular model, I’d recommend either the Gamo Blue Flame pellets or the PBA platinum pellets. Both with work quite nicely and result in solid ½ groups at 25 yards. If noise level is a potential issue for you, pick up some heavy lead pellets as well. The increase in weight will cause the pellet to travel slower and not break the sound barrier, which is where most of the noise from any pellet gun comes from. The Bone Collector also comes with a fluted polymer jacketed steel barrel, which will do wonders for keeping the sound low.


The Gamo Bone Collector is unique and well designed, and suitable for any intended purpose. It has the power to safely take down pesky varmints as well as a large variety of small game. The rifle is also deadly accurate, and will perform well during any round of target shooting.

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