Gamo Big Cat 1250 Review

The Gamo Big Cat 1250 is a great budget friendly rifle that is suitable as an introduction to the pellet gun world or as a general all purpose shooter. It features a spring piston power source, 1250 fps, included scope, and an all weather composite stock. The benefits of each of these properties are discussed below, and the review concludes with a few aspects that make this particular rifle unique.

Gamo Big Cat 1250 pellet gun

Spring Piston Power Source: The Spring Piston is the most popular power plant of all pellet gun models, and for good reason. There is no need to worry about filling up air tanks or having extra storage devices attached to your rifle. The spring also provides plenty of power, and the Big Cat is capable of firing up to 1250 FPS. Be prepared to manually caulk the barrel for every shot however, and while this requires a bit of strength it will be much less than many other models.

springAll Weather Composite Stock: The composite stock comes with a few benefits. Firstly, it will age well and not suffer easily from wear and tear, weather or otherwise. It is also a very light material, and the Gamo Big Cat itself weighs in at only 6 pounds. Finally, the material itself is not as expensive as its wooden counterparts, and this contributes to the friendly price of the Cat. The material itself will not negatively effect the Rifle’s function, so if a wooden stock is not that important to you getting a composite is a great way to save money.

.177 Caliber: The .177 is the most popular of all pellet calibers. It is more accurate than the higher options, as well as the least expensive. The only reason to buy a higher caliber rifle really is to kill small game more humanely. That being said, the Gamo Big Cat provides plently of power, and a well placed shot will do the trick for most of the small animals you may be shooting at.

A couple other things that make the Gamo Big Cat unique:

  • pelletsThe included scope! The included scope provides even more value to an already moderately priced pellet rifle
  • The raised cheek piece on each side makes the rifle ambidextrous
  • 43 ¼ inches in length
  • Nice recoil pad
  • Adjustable trigger. Long pull but definitely better than most Crosmans
  • Rifled Steel barrel encased in a polymer jacket

Helpful tip for this particular model: If you’re concerned about the noise level, it’s possible to make this pellet gun much quieter by using heavier lead pellets. The speed of sound is around 1100 FPS, and most of the noise from firing comes from the pellet breaking the sound barrier. The heavier pellets will keep the firing speed slightly below, and cause the rifle to emit significantly less noise.


The Gamo Big Cat is a typical pellet gun that comes with the most popular features and settings, and satisfies most users needs. What sets it apart from the competition is really the price. Current’y selling for only $100 on Amazon, it would be incredibly challenging to find a solid pellet rifle that sells any lower without compromising on power or accuracy. 

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