Benjamin 397 Air Rifle Review

The Benjamin 397 air rifle is an awesome American pellet rifle that has been in production for decades. Crosman makes tiny adjustments to the gun frequently, culminating in a model that over time has become carefully crafted for optimal performance. There are no plastics on the 397, and every piece of it has been carefully selected for quality performance. The 397 features a sturdy hardwood stock, open adjustable rear sites, a firing speed up to 800 fps, 36.25 inches in length, and a weight of 5.5 pounds. One aspect that really makes this model unique is the bolt action pneumatic pump power source, the details of which are discussed below. 

benjamin 397 air rifle review

benjamin 397 pellet gun

The 397 is a pneumatic bolt action single shot, which means that you will need to “pump” the gun before every shot. There are a couple benefits to this form of power:

  • Air is free. You will not have to purchase c02, or deal with attaching clunky canisters on your pretty rifle
  • Variable power. While you can pump the gun up to 8 times before each shot, doing so is not necessary depending on the distance you’re working with and how hard you’d like to hit your target. For target shooting between 10 and 30 yards, only 3 or 4 pumps are really necessary.
  • Durability. A pneumatic pump power source will never wear out a gun, and the 397 has the capability of lasting decades without wear or tear, or a loss in firing power. Just make sure you always leave the rifle with one pump when you’re done using it.
  • Free workout! The requirement of a few pumps before every shot will keep you in great shape 😉


benjamin 397Overall the Benjamin 397 air rifle is a great choice for any purpose you may have in mind. It’s capable of taking down small game around the property as well as firing accurately during target shooting. It is also durable as hell, and will likely last a few lifetimes.

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