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Beeman Sportsman Rs2 Air Rifle Review

Beeman Sportsman Rs2 Air Rifle ReviewThe Beeman Sportsman RS2 is a powerful and accurate air rifle that is of surprisingly high quality for such a low monetary commitment. The build and performance of the RS2 rival many models of significantly higher cost, and serves as a great introduction to the pellet gun world or or worthy addition to a larger collection. A few of the details that make this model unique are discussed below.

  • Nice, heavy hardwood stock. It’s difficult to find an inexpensive pellet rifle made with some quality wood. Most of the time, the decrease in price will come along with a complement of plastics. Somehow this is not the case with the RS2, as the wood is beautiful with a nice finish.
  • Blued, rifled barrel. The blued barrel will prevent rust and wear and tear, and the rifling will improve accuracy and stability when firing. Again, these are normally features you’d find in more expensive pellet rifles.
  • 1000 fps. 1000 fps is plenty powerful, and the Beeman RS2 is capable of more than just target shooting. Small game such as squirrels, birds, rabbits and even racoons will fall quickly to the RS2. 1000 FPS is actually a sweet spot for firing speed in my opinion. Just below the speed of sound, there will be significant reduction in noise from not breaking the sound barrier.
  • Spring piston power plant. Spring Pistons are the most common of all pellet rifles, which is largely due to the power they bring to the table and their convenience. There is no need to purchase canisters for your gun, and all you need to fire it are your own 2 hands. Simply “break” the barrel and press it back before every shot.

beeman rs2 review

beeman sportsman


Other specifications of the Beeman Sportsman RS2 include open adjustable sights, a 2 stage trigger, and a one year warranty. For less than $100 you really can’t find a better deal in terms of value for your money.

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